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Pizza Inn Denies Black Customer To Use Coupon,Allowed White Customer To Use Same Coupon


Pizza Inn Denies Black Customer To Use Coupon,Allowed White Customer To Use Same Coupon


Family don’t patronize this business. Here is the info Pizza Inn 1473 Hunter Hill Rd Rocky Mount, NC 27804 (252) 937-2323


Restaurant racism seems to be reaching an all-time high level after the arrests of two Black men at a Philadelphia Starbucks. Another Black man said he recently faced discrimination at a pizza place in North Carolina over a coupon. Yes, a coupon.

Link Alexander posted on Facebook about his sunken place service experience at the Pizza Inn in Rocky Mount, North Carolina on Monday. Instead of being able to use his presented coupon for a free buffet, an employee called over an assistant manager that turned his feast into a racist roast. The assistant manager said Alexander needed a manager’s signature on his coupon, preventing him from using it. Alexander walked out after the mistreatment, which sent the message that customers of color may not always come first at Pizza Inn.

The plot, however, thickened when Alexander’s roommate Rex Casey, who is White, presented the same coupon to the employee. And guess what? The red carpet was rolled out for Casey.

In other words, White privilege was on the menu.


Via @WRAL: Racism alleged after Pizza Inn coupon mix-up 

Racism alleged after Pizza Inn coupon mix-up

A Pizza Inn restaurant in Rocky Mount is defending itself against charges of racism after a manager refused to accept a coupon from a black customer but later accepted the same coupon from the black…

The roommate was invited to see down and help himself. However, Casey was on a mission and questioned the assistant manager about the coupon, which at first was unrecognizable to him. After the manager realized that Casey’s coupon was the same as Alexander’s, the same weak defense of a missing signature was given.

This whole incident just left a horrible taste in Alexander and Casey’s mouths.

“If we’re checking coupons, we’re checking everybody’s coupons at the door,” Alexander said. “If we’re doing it, then it needs to be fair across the board.”

These restaurants seem to be in a race for what place can do the most racist stuff lately. Alexander won’t step foot back in Pizza Inn until they do something to address the racism. Could a boycott be on the way? Probably.

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