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Man Drenched with Hot Grease During Wing Stop Brawl

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Man Drenched with Hot Grease During Wing Stop Brawl

TAMPA, Fl. – An altercation at a Tampa Wing Stop restaurant left a man with second-degree burns Sunday night.

“My arm is burned, my thighs are burned, I’m burned everywhere,” Robert Williams told FOX 13 News from his hospital bed.

Williams says he usually stops by Wing Stop about once a week.

“From the moment I entered, I sensed some sort of problem from the manager,” he recollected.

Authorities in Tampa say the dispute between Williams and some employees started because of how long his order was taking to prepare. Williams confessed to tossing his soda over the counter.

Officers say he punched the manager of the restaurant.

Williams, however, denies that. He claims the workers attacked him first.

“They immediately leaped across the counter. A girl and a guy and attacked me, started fighting, I was trying to defend myself,” he described.

The scuffle continued outside the restaurant. According to police, that’s when another employee, Eddie Tignor, drenched Williams with hot grease.

“Yes, I shouldn’t have tossed the soda but I was upset from the way they [were] handling it, but that didn’t lead to nobody injured…They didn’t decide to call the police. They took action into their own hands. They attacked me,” Williams continued.

Tignor is expected to face an aggravated battery charge.

Williams says his body will never be the same. He wants to take legal action against the business.

“It is something I never felt in my life before,” he said.

The police investigation is still underway. As for whether or not Williams will be charged, officials say that’s a possibility.

Wing Stop has yet to comment on the story to FOX 13.


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