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Job Offers Pour In for Former Inmate Who Missed Job Interview to Rescue Car-Crash Victim

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Job Offers Pour In for Former Inmate Who Missed Job Interview to Rescue Car-Crash Victim

Bridgeport, CT — A father, 32, looking to get back on his feet following his release from prison opted to miss his highly anticipated job interview in order to rescue a stranger wounded in a car wreck, quite possibly saving his life. But now he’s reaping what his good deeds have sown, having received numerous job offers and donations for the selfless act of kindness.

The New York Daily News reports Aaron Tucker checked out the halfway house where he’s currently staying on Wednesday morning with about $2 in his pocket. His destination: Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in Stamford, CT, where he was scheduled to interview for a busboy position.

“I got up around 5 o’clock in the morning because I was so excited for the interview,” Tucker told the Daily News.

But, little did he know his plans would soon change after he got on the bus around 9 a.m. After waking up from a short nap, Tucker says he saw an vehicle upside down a short distance away from the bus in Westport, CT.

“I looked up and saw a car flipped over right in front of the bus, so I ran to try to jump out of the bus,” Tucker said. However, the bus driver unmoved, despite the smoking car in front of him and Tucker’s urge to lend assistance.

“I said I was going to help him, and asked the driver if he was going to wait for me and he said, ‘No, I am going to leave you,’” Tucker said.

Nonetheless, Tucker sprang into action without hesitation.

“I saw a lot of smoke coming from the car, and I just jumped off the bus and ran to the car,” he said.

Tucker approached the car from the passenger’s side, with the intention to unbuckle the driver’s seat belt and pull him out of the overturned vehicle. Then, upon realizing the driver was bleeding from the head, Tucker removed the shirt off his own back–which had been given to him to wear to the interview–and applied to the man’s wound to stop the blood loss.

At an auto body shop close by, two other men noticed what was happening and hurried over to help the victim.

“He kept shutting his eyes and I made sure he stayed awake. I told him to open his eyes. I said, ‘Your family wants you,’” Tucker said.

Paramedics arrived and transported the victim to the hopsital, where his condition was said to be stable.

Citizens of Westport are praising Tucker as a hero, but Tucker isn’t paying it any mind, saying he just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Nor does he feel troubled by having missed his job interview.

“It didn’t go through my head, because a job can come and go, but a life is only one time. The only thing running through my head is that person in the car could pass away and I could help him,” he said.

Of course, Tucker did not make it to his job interview, but his selfless, and possibly lifesaving, actions earned him three job offers so far, in construction and at a rubber factory.

The people of Westport also came together and started a GoFundMe for him, which, in 18 hours, has collected more than $11,000 in donations.

Still, Tucker maintains his modesty and pays no attention to the compliments.

“I just want everybody to know it’s not about what people could do for me. It’s just about me saving his life,” he said.

Tucker’s focus is getting life back on track after spending just under 2 years behind bars for a weapons-related charge. One of his primary goals is to start working so he can take care of his 21-month-old son, who currently lives with his mother.

“When I come home, he is going to live with me,” Tucker said. “I know that if I continue to work, I am going to get a job because I am not going to go without supporting my son and raising my son to be happy.”

Read more at the New York Daily News.

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