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Fed Up: Woman Throws Hands with Boyfriend & His Side Chick After Catching Them in Bed

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Fed Up: Woman Throws Hands with Boyfriend & His Side Chick After Catching Them in Bed

A video quickly went viral on Facebook on Friday after a woman walked in on her cheating boyfriend.

When the woman walks into the bedroom, her man, who goes by the name ‘Manny Moe,’ is seen sleeping next to another woman.

Angel | Source: Facebook

Filled with rage, the woman, Angel, begins punching Manny repeatedly and a struggle ensues.

Manny and Angel | Source: Facebook

Manny tries to restrain Angel but to no avail. At one point, Manny is heard yelling to someone else in the room that he was bleeding after Angel allegedly bit him. No one, however, would come to the adulterer’s aid.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time Manny has been unfaithful in a relationship. In between death threats, Angel is heard telling him, “I’m not the b*tch to do it to – I’m not your ex’s.”

Manny and Angel | Source: Facebook

Another clip picks up with everyone back in the bedroom. Manny is seen standing between Angel and the side chick while the two exchange words. The side chick throws the first punch and then the squabble quickly ends up on the floor.

Manny attempts to restrain Angel again while engaging in a war of words with another man in the room.

Source: Facebook

Judging from the video, the future of the two lovebirds’ relationship does not look bright. But as of the time this was posted, Angel’s Facebook profile still shows pictures of the couple together. So maybe they’re willing to work things out.

Do you think Angel should forgive Manny?

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