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Child Molester Gets Exposed After Disrespecting His Brother’s Dead Wife

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Child Molester Gets Exposed After Disrespecting His Brother’s Dead Wife

After allegedly disrespecting his dead wife, ‘Deante’ went on a Facebook rampage, spilling all the tea on his brother.

Shortly after tagging ‘Irene,’ his brother’s mom, she came to her son’s defense.

She attempts to set the record straight, saying her son was ‘less than 20′ and his girlfriend was ’16 plus.’ Others on the post weren’t letting that slide though, and reasserted that the girl was still a minor.

Irene chimes in again and suggests to Deante that he confront his brother, Alex, and asks him why he insists on bringing his business to Facebook. Deante assures her that his brother’s day of reckoning is coming.

Irene then states that Alex, now 24, and his girlfriend have a 3-year-old. An observant woman in the comments points out that that means he was 21 while she was 16. However,
Irene previously stated that Alex was ‘less than 20,’ was she lying?

Deante goes on to reveal that he even kicked his brother out of his house for his transgressions, saying this issue has long been addressed on his end.

Then, Alex jumps on the post and fires back at Deante with his own allegations. It seems at one point Deante dated a young girl named Devone. Deante isn’t having it though,
and rebuts Alex’s claim saying Devone was 18, while his girlfriend was only 14.

Deante continues his verbal assault and accuses his brother of knowing his girl was a minor before he impregnated her. Alex brushes off his comments. Deante then claims that his brother is carrying on a relationship with ANOTHER minor!

The argument continues with Alex contending that Deante is scared of, which Deante adamantly denies.

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