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Charlamagne Raped 15-Year-Old After Getting Her Drunk, Victim Tells All

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Charlamagne Raped 15-Year-Old After Getting Her Drunk, Victim Tells All

A dark secret from his past is bringing New York radio personality Charlamagne tha God under the microscope. The victim in a 2001 rape incident involving the Breakfast Club host told her side of the story in an interview with DJ Star. The on-air tell-all came complete with court documents that call into question Charlamagne’s version of what took place that night.

A look through the documents reveals many conflicting details in Charlamagne’s sit-down interview with DJ Akademiks.

1. He said that he went to the police station the day after he heard the girl, then-15-year-old Jessica Reid, was raped at a party he attended the night before.

An arrest warrant and documented arrest debunks that claim:

2. Charlamagne said he wasn’t there when Reid was sexually assaulted and someone framed him. LIE

According to the victim, he told the courts that the sex was consensual, which would explain why even if they found DNA they would need her testimony, but since she stopped coming he negotiated a plea bargain.

I want to see the DNA results, because if he said it was consensual then he probably had no choice but to admit he had sex with her.

3. He said he was 20 at the time of the incident

Court documents show he was 23.

4. The gang rape story has not been confirmed because she only said HE raped her. That was just another attempt to discredit her and make it seem like he had nothing to do with it.

This is the break down of the charges since yall keep trying to say he was never charged or it was dismissed because of DNA. FALSE it would say revaluation of evidence

5. Charlamagne said he was given 2 or 3 months probation as punishment, that was a lie.

Court documents show he was handed 3 YEARS.

The following charges seem to indicate that the Brilliant Idiots host accepted a plea deal:

1. In the video, Charlamagne said he received ‘reduced charges,’ which is usually another way of saying “plea deal.”

2. The Charge of CRIMINAL SEXUAL CONDUCT was dropped by way of Nolle Pro’s one year after he was charged with it.

DNA HAD BEEN IN THE SYSTEM SINCE 8/28/2001. If that was the reason the case was dismissed, it would not take A YEAR.

What’s the difference between nolle prosequi and dismissal of charges?

Nolle prosequi is a Latin phrase which translates to “will no longer prosecute.” It does NOT mean he was exonerated by DNA.

A prosecutor might nol pross or dismiss charges for a number of reasons, including:

    Reevaluation of evidence
    Emergence of new evidence
    Failure of witnesses to cooperate, or
    Desire to give the defendant a second chance.

The reason given for the nol pross in the court records is the one I highlighted. Take a close look at the dates.

If we look at the dates of The original charge THE r*pe that was in 8/28/2001

Note: He would not be indicted by the Grand Jury if they didn’t have substantial evidence and probable cause.

Then on June 10, 2002, a whole year later, the new charge comes up the same day they determine the victim didn’t go to court.

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