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Black Man Lists 15 ‘Advantages’ of Dating White Women


Black Man Lists 15 ‘Advantages’ of Dating White Women

A curious Facebook status began making circulating on on the platform on Thursday where an unidentified Black man gives a very…unapologetic, take on interracial dating.

The post, which wreaks of self-hate, paints Black women in the most dishonest and insulting way imaginable. In his mind, not only are Black women ‘uneducated,’ ‘smelly,’ and ‘disloyal,’ but they apparently have ‘no respect’ and make ‘ugly babies.’

Our team is looking into whether the creator of the post in question is a racist troll with aims of degrading Black women and causing strife between members of the Black community. It certainly would not be the first time such measures were taken by these cowards.

Advantages of dating a white woman

    1. No noise
    2. No weaves
    3. Clean punani
    4. No nasty smells
    5. Educated
    6. No hairy punani
    7. Tight punani
    8. Good looking kids
    9. Respect
    11.Kinky shit
    12. No asking for money
    13. No noise
    14. No mthakathi
    15. No noise
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