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Black College Student MURDERED by White Supremacist in Racial Attack

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Black College Student MURDERED by White Supremacist in Racial Attack

Racially-motivated attacks seem to be on the rise in the U.S. This latest case comes from the College Park campus of the University of Maryland.

22-year-old UM student Sean Christopher Urbanski is accused of fatally stabbing Bowie State University student Richard Collins III in the chest with a folding knife.

Collins, who was with two of his friends at the time (one Asian and the other White), was approached by Urbanski as they waited near a bus stop at the College Park campus around 3 a.m. Saturday morning. That’s when, reports say, Urbanski struck without cause or warning.

The victim, Richard Collins III

Curiously, some media outlets have taken a defensive stance towards Urbanski’s crime, saying that his intoxication is to blame for the incident, not racial hatred. If that’s the case, one must question why he chose to murder a Black man rather than the Asian or White men that were with him.

Law enforcement officials share the same view on the matter, even though Urbanski is a member of a White supremacist Facebook group called “The Alt-Reich.”

The Alt-Reich Facebook group is reputed for posting anti-Black propaganda in the form of memes and White nationalist rhetoric. Thus, Urbanski’s connection to such a group raises some red flags and lends more credence to the notion that this was a hate crime.

So, what do you think? Is there enough proof to charge Urbanski with a hate crime? Take a look at the screenshots below.

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